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3 Best Sunscreens for Daily Use

August 16, 2016 2 comments

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We all know that Sunscreen is an important step that must be done daily, but often times it’s such a drag to put on. I could go on about the importance of sun protection and prevention of wrinkles, but this is not what this post is about. I have been wearing sunscreen everyday (rain or shine) for the last 15 years and it’s taken be a very long time to find the perfect sunscreen. I feel like I have finally found “the ones” and want to share with you all my favorite sunscreens that I swear by for daily use.

I haven’t tried every single sunscreen that the world has to offer, but I have gone through a lot of high and low end brands. When I was in high school I only used Neutrogena and swore that it was the best. Unfortunately, my skin was sensitive at the time and it did not fare well for me. After many breakouts, I decided to move on to random all natural sunscreens, but unfortunately those left me pasty on the face and that was not a good look compared to my all over tanned skin.

About 5 years ago, I stumbled upon La Roche-Posay and have been devoted ever since.


I decided to try Anthelios 60 after reading a lot of rave reviews and it checked a lot of boxes; it was a broad spectrum, high SPF and it was fast absorbing. After trying this for the first time, I was hooked and it became my go to for the last 5 years. It absorbes really well, my skin feels so smooth and it doesn’t leave me with the dreaded white cast on my skin.

The only downside is if you have oily skin this can leave a very high shine. My makeup applies pretty decently on top, as long as I let it soak in a bit. In the dryer winter months I can use this on my face but stick to a more matte version during summer.

I liked that I can spray this all over my body and this large bottle lasts a long time! I have a stock pile of this and have gone through around 4 bottles and will continue to repurchase as long as I can get my hands on it.


Laroche 45

After using Anthelios 60 for the longest time, I decided to try Anthelios 45 since I was looking for something a little bit more matte for my face. I found this on sale at Target and thought the worst that could happen is I take it back. This stuff is honestly amazing!

I apply a good amount right after my moisturizer and it dries super quick, I can usually jump right into my foundation. It’s not too matte, and I can still use it when my skin is on the drier side. It does not leave a white cast, unlike a lot of mineral sunscreens and this bottle has lasted me a long time despite it’s size. I am kicking myself in the butt for not loading up on this while my sister was in France, since this is a lot more expensive in the States vs. France!

supergoopLast but not least is a multi-purpose sunscreen from Supergroop!

For the longest time I would apply sunscreen in the morning, sit indoors for most of the day and after two hours my sunscreen would be worn off. I hated the idea of having to apply sunscreen on top of my makeup before leaving work, but I was leaving my skin exposed to the harmful rays. I felt like a fraud. I boasted about my daily sunscreen habit but wasn’t protecting myself when I left work! I finally stumbled upon this amazing invention! This sunscreen is broad spectrum, SPF 50 and also acts as a makeup setting spray!! It’s is a super fine mist so it doesn’t ruin your makeup whenever it’s sprayed and this smells AMAZING! Could it be any more awesome?!

This is my second repurchase, and was excited to see the the new bottle design (the old one was hard to get the product out evenly)!  I can honestly say this is a huge improvement, design wise, and the formula is still the same.

I also love the travel size so I can throw it in my handbag whenever I am out running errands and can spray this on randomly throughout the day. I really regret not buying the full and travel size combo Nordstrom was offering during their Anniversary sale!! If you’re looking for something to spray over your makeup, this will not disappoint!!

So what do you think? Let me know in the comments below what your favorite to sunscreens are!

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    I absolutely love the La Roche Posay Anti Helios one – its my favorite!!!