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Need Now! My Fall 2016 Wish List

August 13, 2016 3 comments

Fall Wish List


                          Fall Wish List 

I am absolutely over summer’s heat and ready to revamp my fall wardrobe!! Fall is my absolute favorite season, the crisp weather, the smell in the air and the Fall shopping nostalgia I get (back to school shopping memories!).  I have put a lot of thought into what I will be buying this fall and decided I would make an investment into pieces that I will wear for years to come.

1. Topshop Duster Coat, $135- I have been lusting over duster coats for a few years but haven’t pulled the trigger.  I need a super casual coat for fall to throw on with leggings and a sweater and I love the look of this one, so I will definitely be purchasing this when the weather cools off.

2.  Loeffler randall boots, $450- I love boots in the fall! I have been wanting chelsea boots for a while but have been on the hunt for the right ones. I love the contrast sole and the supple leather so I have decided these are the ones I will buy this fall. I have these in my cart, now all I need to do is get over the price and buy them

3. Zara Dress, $70- I have a slight obsession with Zara and when saw this dress, I immediately placed it in my cart and it’s currently en route to my home. I love the look of the knit maxi style and I think it will be so flattering against my curves!

4.  Zara suede leather jacket, $99- Included in my Zara dress purchase is this faux suede jacket. I decided to buy it sooner than later in case it sold out. The moto style is so on trend and so is the suede effect texture, I think this will look amazing with my all black wardrobe!

5. Kenzo sweatshirt, $280- I have been eyeing this sweatshirt for years but couldn’t get over the price. I saw this in green at Wasteland in Los Angeles but paying over $100 for a used sweater was a bit much so I passed. I cannot get this Kenzo sweatshirt off of my mind so I decided this will be one of the few investment items I pick up next season.

6. Double Trouble Gang Lover Sweatshirt, $89- I love browsing Instagram when I am bored and when I started following Double Trouble Gang, I knew I had to have this sweatshirt. I haven’t pulled the trigger, but I will definitely be ordering this within the next few weeks so I can throw it on when the weather cools off!

7. Levi’s faded jeans, $150- I have a bit of an obsession with distressed jeans, but since I work in a corporate office ripped jeans aren’t an accepted style so I have to be picky about what jeans I buy. I like the idea of having jeans that are mildly distressed and appropriate enough for the office. I also read that these help to accentuate your butt, so a win win in my book!

Does anyone else feel the same way about fall? What are you looking forward to buying this coming season?

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