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Aveda’s be curly™ Experience

August 6, 2016 1 comment

Aveda Be Curly

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I’ve always thought that it’s so nice to read about other girls with curly hair and how they manage it, so I decided I would share my story. I have had a love/hate relationship with my hair ever since I can remember. I am mixed and I had no one who could teach me how to style my hair growing up. My mom and older sister had straight hair (other than the occasional perm) and they weren’t very knowledgable on how to style curls. Every so often I got fed up with my curls and decide to go straight for a few years. After breakage from blow drying once a week, no matter how many heat styling aids I use, I ended up having to force myself to love my curls again. Once I’d get accustom to my curls I’d go right back into the pattern of straightening since it is less maintenance (seriously!). There have been people who’ve never seen my curls and when I finally revert back they ask me how I got them haha. People always comment about how beautiful they are and how they wish they had my hair, and I think I wish I didn’t.

Today I was just thinking how much of a pain it is to “tame” my hair every morning. It is such a task to have to wash my hair every day, then add TONS of product to avoid frizz all while trying not to disturb my curl pattern. Then I have to partially blow dry my hair due to time restraints and then go out the house with wet hair, which eventually dries after 3 hours and gets that crunchy look of the 90s haha. Then I have to scrunch once it is dry (only when fully dry to avoid frizz) so I don’t look like a crunchy haired person (I used to like the crunchy look when I was a kid lol). I know it sounds like I am whining but I am serious, this is hard work!

After years of the same hair products to tame my curls, I recently decided to try something new. I started using Aveda products about 2 years ago and I had amazing success with their Smooth Infusion Line so I decided their curly hair line must be amazing too! I decided to buy their be curly™ line, which includes their Shampoo, Style Prep and Curl Enhancer.


Their website describes their shampoo as a gentle cleanser for your waves or curls, which helps to define them while taming frizz and increase shine.

I figured I needed all of that and then some so I thought I would give it a go. I have only used it 1x because I typically don’t shampoo everyday and so far this stuff is great! This shampoo has a really nice lather, unlike some moisture shampoos for curly hair that seem like they aren’t actually cleaning my scalp just conditioning my hair.  The shampoo rinses out easily and my hair doesn’t feel like straw, which is the 1st time in years I could say that. I feel like it helped moisturize my curls and definitely helped define them!! I probably won’t use this daily, so I know I will likely not go through this quickly.  This is definitely a win in my book.

Style Prep

According to the website, the style prep adds moisture and curl definition while sealing the cuticle and taming frizz all day. Detangles and makes styling curls easier, along with helping maintain them longer-while leaving hair soft, not “crunchy.” Boosts the effects of the curl enhancer.

After my shampoo, I comb my hair and add conditioner. That is the last time a comb will come near my curls to preserve their structure. Then after the final rinse, with my hair soaking wet, I divide my hair in half and take two pumps of the style prep per side. It glides on my hair so easily and I feel like my hair is silky after application. I love using this right out of the shower with soaking wet hair to seal in the cuticle and then scrunch my hair to get rid of the excess water. This stuff is a keeper!

Curl Enhancer

Per Aveda, this intensifies curls, taming frizz and heightening shine. Wheat protein blend expands when hair is wet—then retracts when hair is dry—to lock in curls or waves.

After Style Prep, I take a hefty amount in my hand and gently smooth over my curls and I can honestly say this stuff helped get my hair back in shape! After straightening for so long and using Aveda’s smooth infusion line, my curls were looking very limp. After the first time using this stuff my curls were big and bouncy and back to normal (see picture above which was taken at the end of the day)! Once I am done with products I blow dry for 5 mins and then let my hair air dry.

These products definitely made me love wearing my hair curly!! I am so please with these products, Aveda wins again!! Do you have a wavy/curly hair story? Leave me a comment and let me know!!



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  • Jordyn Galan

    being an aveda stylist who also uses the be curly line you nailed it girl! BEST CURLY HAIR PRODUCT EVER!